phpMyAdmin preg_replace from_prefix sanitization vulnerability

Added: 05/20/2013
CVE: CVE-2013-3238
BID: 59460
OSVDB: 92793


phpMyAdmin is a free software tool, written in PHP, designed to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web.


phpMyAdmin before is vulnerable to code injection as a result of failure to sanitize input passed via the from_prefix parameter passed to preg_replace() in libraries/ As a result, an authenticated remote attacker could potentially execute arbitrary code.


Upgrade to phpMyAdmin or newer.



This exploit was tested against phpMyAdmin Devel Team phpMyAdmin 3.5.8 on CentOS 6 (with Exec-Shield Enabled).

Netcat (nc) must be installed on the target.

Exploit requires a valid path to phpMyAdmin and valid user credentials for phpMyAdmin's web interface.

Only phpMyAdmin running on a PHP version before 5.4.7 is vulnerable. Newer PHP versions will generate a warning.



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