Oracle Secure Backup Administration selector parameter command injection

Added: 11/19/2010
CVE: CVE-2010-0906
BID: 41597
OSVDB: 67128


Oracle Secure Backup is a centralized tape backup management solution for Oracle Database.


A command injection vulnerability allows remote, authenticated attackers to execute arbitrary commands specified in the selector[0] parameter in a request for index.php.


Apply the Critical Patch Update for July 2010.



Exploit works on Oracle Secure Backup

A valid login and password for Oracle Secure Backup Administration Server is required.

The binary 'smbclient' must be available to the script.

The target must be able to access the specified SMB share anonymously.

A valid login and password with write permission for the specified SMB share are required.

The target Oracle Secure Backup Administration Server must be configured to listen on the HTTP port (80/TCP).



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