HP Software Update HPeDiag ActiveX Control GetXmlFromIni buffer overflow

Added: 05/22/2008
CVE: CVE-2008-0712
BID: 28929
OSVDB: 44662


HP Software Update is shipped with various kinds of HP computers to keep HP software up to date.


A buffer overflow in the GetXmlFromIni method of the HPeDiag ActiveX control allows command execution when a user loads a web page which reads a specially crafted ini file.


Upgrade to version or higher as described in HPSBGN02333 SSRT080031.




Exploit works on HP Software Update (HPeDiag.dll and requires the user to load the exploit page in Internet Explorer.

Before the exploit can succeed, you must place the exploit.ini file on an SMB share which is accessible from the target computer. To do this, download the /exploit.ini file from the exploit server and place it on the share.

Due to large memory allocation by the exploit script on the target, at least 768MB virtual memory needs to be available on the target.



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