Automatic Drive-by Download

Added: 07/23/2010


This tool waits for client connections, and then gathers information about the operating system and installed software on the client. Next, it chooses the latest and most reliable client exploit for the client's operating system and installed software, and delivers that exploit to the client.


The exploits delivered by this exploit tool are the same ones found in SAINTexploit's client exploit library, with the same limitations. See the individual client exploits' information pages for more information.

The client exploit chosen by this exploit tool for a particular target is a guess based only on available information, and is not guaranteed to succeed.

A new exploit server is dynamically started for each unique client exploit and target platform chosen by this exploit tool. The server port and shell port are incremented by one for each new exploit server. These ports must be available in order for the exploit server to start.

This exploit tool only chooses exploits which have the autorun variable set in their plug-ins. This currently includes selected exploits for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Windows, Adobe Reader, Flash Player, RealPlayer, and Windows Media Player.

The target field must be a licensed target but is unused.
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