Adobe Shockwave Player Lnam Chunk Processing Buffer Overflow

Added: 11/08/2010
CVE: CVE-2010-3655
BID: 44516


Adobe Shockwave is a multimedia player used to add animation and interactivity to web pages. It allows Adobe Director applications to be published on the Internet and viewed in a web browser on any computer which has the Shockwave plug-in installed.


A code execution vulnerability exists in Adobe Shockwave. The vulnerability is due to a buffer overflow in DIRAPI.dll while parsing a value from a Lnam chunk record. A remote attacker can exploit this vulnerability by enticing a user to open a malicious file. This could result in arbitrary remote code execution in the security context of the logged in user.


Upgrade to the newest version of Adobe Shockwave Player as described in Security Bulletin APSB10-25.



Exploit works on Adobe Systems Shockwave Player

The user must open the exploit page in Internet Explorer 6 or 7.



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